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Information: 2017.11.17; 212717 documents in BazEkon database; 2639735 citations; 1181450 parsed citations.


Citations in BazEkon is a bibliometric software tool similar to Publish or Perish, which processes bibliographical annotations of articles registered in BazEkon database. This tool calculates the basic bibliometric characteristics (Hirsch index and number of citations) for authors and journals appearing in bibliographical annotations. The software was developed by IT department of the CUE Main Library.

Citations in BazEkon works only on the processed (indexed) bibliographical annotations. The head section of the software is updated daily to inform what part of the whole set of bibliographical annotations is included in the search results. At the same time, on the each result screen it is possible to check the number of phrase occurrences (author’s name or journal title) in bibliographical annotations that haven’t been processed yet. This makes it possible for authors and publishers to independently calculate indicators they have been searching for.

From the beginning of 2012, bibliographical annotations are processed on an ongoing basis. In addition, bibliographical annotations pointing to the works of the CUE employees (in compliance with the records of Dorobek database) are processed retrospectively, which also applies the journals indexed in BazEkon. The e-mail form in the contact section can be used to submit bibliographical annotations to be processed, however this option is exclusively for the CUE employees.

The indicators calculated by the Citations in BazEkon software are presented in the two main categories: with and without self-citations. Please note that self citations concern only authors as consistent with the observed practice we do not eliminate citations pointing to the journals they originate from. In addition, when searching for citations of a particular author there is an option to include only citations from journals. The results of such query are then comparable in method to the results displayed in WoS and Scopus databases.

The results of the Citations in BazEkon software depend on whether all of the bibliographical annotations associated with a particular author or journal have been processed. As with any data processing sofware the results also depend on the quality of data.

The said quality is determined by:

Imprecision in any of those components can - and in fact do - contribute to generate information noise that accompanies all known bibliometric software tools. In a very large extent, the information noise is present from the very beginning, as authors often quote from memory and editors do not accurately control the correctness of this part of publications. Regarding the possible lack of precision of the BazEkon publisher, it is our duty to explain that the information noise comes from scanning the bibliographical annotations, which is associated with the risk of scanning device malfunction or an OCR error. BazEkon database is developed by the CUE Main Library in cooperation with The Library of Warsaw School of Economics, The Main Library of the Wroclaw University of Economics and The Poznań University of Economics' Main Library. More and more full-text in electronic format are obtained directly from publishers, which reduces the risk of errors.