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Więckowska Barbara (Warsaw School of Economics, Poland)
Healthcare Needs Maps - Evidence Informed Healthcare Policy
Journal of Health Policy and Outcomes Research, 2017, nr 1, s. 14-20, rys., tab., bibliogr. 4 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Opieka zdrowotna, System ochrony zdrowia, Polityka zdrowotna, Mapa potrzeb, Warunek sine qua non
Health care, Health care system, Health care policy, Needs map, Sine qua non condition
The healthcare system in Poland suffers from some inefficiency in its organization, functioning and financing. In order to implement comprehensive change management in healthcare sector, the Polish Ministry of Health has been working for the last three years on the "Healthcare needs maps", that aim at creating a tool and a process appropriate to develop public policies at national and regional level based on evidence coming from reliable data. The stochastic analysis and projection of healthcare needs will be a basis for contracting process of National Healthcare Fund and public investments. The Healthcare needs maps are a condition sine qua non for receiving the EU funding for healthcare sector. Healthcare needs maps enable identification of inefficiencies in the system and planning of prevention actions, healthcare services provision and investments adjusted to demographic and epidemiologic trends. To implement evidence-based policy making and enable modelling system performance and optimum shape of delivery net it is crucial to extract, count and present the data in an appropriate way and give it an appropriate meaning, what can be achieved only in cooperation with medical experts. Maps present values for over 1000 input, output and outcome indicators, separately for individual hospitals and concerns nearly 300 disease groups. Ministry leads the project to better coordinate the wide range of stakeholders but have never been meant to be institutionalized and forced down by the central administration. This is why so many concerned parties are involved in the process and the results are being consulted so widely.(original abstract)
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  1. Act of 27 August 2004 on publicly-funded health care services (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 581). The full text of the regulation is available at: http://isap.sejm. Accessed on 27.07.2017.
  2. Act of 22 July 2014 amending the law on publicly-funded health care services (Journal of Laws 2014 item 1138). The full text of the regulation is available at: Accessed on 27.07.2017.
  3. Ordinance of the Minister of Health of 26 March 2015 on the content of healthcare needs maps (OJ 2015, item 458). The full text of the regulation is available at: Accessed on: 27.07.2017.
  4. WIĘCKOWSKA B., Medical treatments in Poland - analysis and models, Volume I: Oncology; Medical treatment in Poland - analysis and models, Volume II: Cardiology;The use of quantitative methods to assess quality of care and demand for service provision in oncology and cardiology in Poland,; all three available to download on publikacje/. Accessed on 27.07.2017.
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