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Drozd Mariola (Medical University of Lublin, Poland), Szkultecka-Dębek Monika
Do We Need Real World Data? Polish ISPOR Chapter Therapeutic Programs, Pharmaceutical Care and Pharmaceutical Law Section (TPPCPL) Initial Discussion
Journal of Health Policy and Outcomes Research, 2014, nr 2, s. 94-99, rys., bibliogr. 22 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Prawo farmaceutyczne, Informacja, Bazy danych
Pharmaceutical law, Information, Databases
Real world data can provide additional information in relation to medical treatments however there is a need to focus attention on methodology of data collection, data quality, potential sources of data and ensure proper legal environment for data collection. Unfortunately, despite large number of publications identified in PubMed database, there are only few available in a form of full text papers, the majority of publications are only abstracts from scientific conferences. In the future in order to share RWD experience it will be of benefit to encourage authors to work on full publications and not to limit their work only to abstracts(original abstract)
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