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Оstrovska Katerina O. (Ivano Franko Lviv National University), Оstrovski Igor P. (Lviv National Polytechnic University)
Vpliv psihologíčnih osoblivostej ASD dítej na EEG
The Influence of Psychological Peculiarities of ASD Children on their EEG Spectra
Konińskie Studia Społeczno-Ekonomiczne, 2015, T. 1, nr 4, s. 363-376, tab., rys., bibliogr. 29 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Dzieci, Medycyna, Choroby
Children, Medicine, Illness
The article discusses the influence of abnormal physiological processes in certain areas of cortex on higher psychical function impairments of autistic children aged 3-7 years. EEG spectra of autistic children were established and their relations with indexes of the CARS method: auditory reaction, visual reaction, activity level, object use level, level of intellectual development, emotional expression, and autism degree. (original abstract)
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