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Nicholls Richard
Foreign Investment in Poland's Service Sector: Its Scope, Rationale and Implications
Materiały Naukowe / Akademia Ekonomiczna w Poznaniu. Katedra Usług, 2001, nr 5, 10 s., tab.
Słowa kluczowe
Sektor usług, Inwestycje zagraniczne, Przekształcenia ustrojowo-systemowe
Services sector, Foreign investment, Systemic transformation
The economic and political changes in Poland since 1989 have meant that the service sector, and market services in particular, have undergone a rapid expansion. Previously, under the central planning system, much of the service sector had been subject to neglect and, indeed, many producer services had been redundant. The rapid growth of services in recent years includes the activities of a range of foreign service firms which have entered the Polish market. These include well-known financial services providers, retailers and professional service firms. Such service firms have entered the Polish market at a time when many service industries are becoming increasingly globalised. Frequently, however, foreign service entrants have specific motives for investing in Poland. These motives range from the desire to provide services to foreigners in Poland to the desire to support (with services) the sale of manufactured goods in Poland. As foreign service providers are usually perceived as having a number of advantages over most local service providers, it is not too surprising that there has been some alarm amongst some segments of local service providers. But the foreign entrants do seem to introduce a healthy element of competition to. service markets; Polish consumers can vote with their feet. Besides, franchising offers itself as a solution to the desire to combine Polish service capital with imported service technology and systems. Finally, it should be noted that a range of initiatives, originating from outside Poland, have assisted Poland in strengthening her capacity to provide services. (original abstract)
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