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The Training Barrier in Implementing Total Quality Management in Health Care
Materiały Naukowe / Akademia Ekonomiczna w Poznaniu. Katedra Usług, 2001, nr 1, 7 s.
Słowa kluczowe
Zarządzanie przez jakość, Opieka zdrowotna, Reforma służby zdrowia, Zarządzanie służbą zdrowia
Total Quality Management (TQM), Health care, Health care reform, Management of health services
By 1991 the Polish health care system was dominated by the public sector due to the former state - controlled economy. The 49 voivodships were the main recipients of health services and the money was distributed not according to the needs of particular regions but it was simply divided among the voivodships. In 1996 the program of hospital restructurization was started in order to increase the effectiveness of hospital care and reach the norms of the European Union countries. This program included a system of hospital accreditation which was to confirm that management was aiming at quality (TQM). By March 2000, about 30 hospitals had obtained the status of accredited unit. This, however, is a very small number as it concerns only four percent of all Polish hospitals. Hospitals have very clear targets to aim at in the future which should be achieved by systematic work on the formation of organizational culture - consisting in quality, conscious choice, and direct and remote target realisation. (original abstract)
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